If you are looking to build at an economical price, but can’t afford the time to manage tradesmen or purchase the best priced materials, then utilise our expert construction management skills to manage those functions for you.


Seleucid Partners & Associates L.L.C. provides a full range of Construction Management services as an alternative to the traditional employment of a single general contractor for a construction project. For a fixed fee, Seleucid Partners & Associates L.L.C. will manage your project using site based construction professionals, ensuring your project is built to the highest specification and quality, on time and within budget.

Clients benefit from our Construction Management service because we ensure the best possible value for money by the direct placement of sub-contracts for each element of the works and the direct purchase of materials required for the build. By using our size and buying power in the market we can source materials at heavily discounted rates, and those savings are passed directly onto the clients. This means our clients build at ‘cost’ thereby avoiding a general contractor’s overheads, profit margins, and preliminary costs.

Our Construction Management service may be commissioned for any size project; from a home extension to a large commercial project, Seleucid Partners & Associates L.L.C. has the project team to meet your needs.

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