SPA provides consultancy, management services and support to both the public and private sectors during all stages of a physical asset’s lifecycle. Our in-depth understanding of the whole process ensures a best-value outlook and approach.

SPA cost management/ quantity surveying services will ensure your portfolios are accurately cost controlled and developed and operated at optimum efficiency while maximising income.

Developer Representation

Seleucid Partners & Associates L.L.C. can take on the role of Development Manager and manage the development on behalf of the owner. In such instances, we can provide additional property development services, over and above those of a Project Manager:

  • Organise the appointment of the development and construction team
  • Assist with project financing and bank liaison
  • Assist with sales and marketing programme
  • Assist with legal and corporate affairs
  • Liaise with Government authorities including attaining Development Orders
  • Assist with setting up and managing the ongoing operation of the development

Distressed Development Solutions

Seleucid Partners & Associates L.L.C can unlock value for distressed properties through ‘work-out solutions.

Seleucid Partners & Associates L.L.C mitigates losses and maximises the value of potentially defaulting property loans to provide greater value and future gain for all concerned. Our recommendation to the industry is to avoid the temptation for a distressed sale of assets and undertake a ‘work-out solution’ prior to sale.

A ‘work-out solution’ will identify the financial exposure and propose a plan to mitigate losses and maximise values for the distressed property. Typically, clients will find that they will recover significantly higher values from a ‘work-out solution’.

Forensic Audits

Seleucid Partners & Associates L.L.C forensic team can assist clients involved in real estate development and construction with services including:

  • Analyzing, verifying, and responding to change orders, disputes, and claims
  • Investigating fraud, false claims, and whistle blower allegations
  • Assisting in negotiations with contractors, design professionals, investors or business partners
  • Presenting expert testimony at trial, arbitration or in mediation

Real Estate Consultancy

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